Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Christmas Count Down Thankfulness Project

In the spirit of Christmas I am going to try something new, I am going to post one thing I am thankful for every day up to and including Christmas. Sometimes I get blue when things aren't exactly as I would like them and I'm hoping if I create a log of all the wonderful things in my life I'll concentrate on that instead of the negative.

Here goes, today I am thankful for: Choosing to eat healthy in the face of stress and emotions.

Normally I would reach for the chocolate as soon as I could, but today I found myself in the craft store (went to cheer myself up) and I was in the check out line and looked at the price of candy and was dumbfounded that they wanted $1.19 for a regular reeses. So, rather than walking to the cheapo wizzle (Walmart in non-ebonics) and getting some candy, I chose to go back to work and eat my healthy lunch! Yeah for me putting my health first and knowing that even though I am stressed I don't have to have a nice piece of chocolate becasue that only makes me feel better for a little while.

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