Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Damn I'm Clumsy

So I was extremely lazy today and decided not to make my lunch, but to purchase. And instead of dining at the homage de fake Mexican or to crappy greasy American (although fabulous for the hangover) I went to the Nugget. Now for those of you (and Dad I mean you because I think you are the only person that reads this or my 2 posts I should say) that don't have a Nugget Market, Nugget is a cross between Safeway and Whole Foods. It is a unique blend of the dying to be healthy trendy type and the frozen chicken wings and tatertots variety. So I ventured in to the faux barn where I perused the salads, as much as I want to want them I just can't bring myself to eat something for $5.00 that would have cost me maybe a buck to make at home. So I got my usual spicy tuna sushi rolls. I paid and settled in to the one of the outdoor tables in the lovely sunshine and began to eat and read, a fabulous combination that everyone should partake in daily. And then I struck, I moved my plastic carton closer to my book and the edge of the table so I would drip soy sauce all over me, when I moved and knocked 1/3 of my luch onto the icky-30-second-rule does not apply concrete and soy sauce all down my front. And now, like a badge of honor, I have to wear a streak of soy sauce all down my right side. It almost looks like I'm lactating soy sauce if I didn't know better.

I concluded my meal with a delightful Jasmine Green Honest Tea, 16 fluid ounces of anti-oxidant rich colored/flavored water capped with a rather insightful/motivating quote,

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." -Mahatma Gandhi

Aside from being an activist and standing for silent protest and all sorts of other human rights issues, he made a good qote every now and then. Under normal circumstances I read these bottle cap qotes and just as quickly toss them into the recycle bin, however, today I think I'll keep this one. Maybe it's because I just started reading Julie & Julia the book, or shoot, it could just be that today is Tuesday, but today I will keep this bottle cap quote and put it up in my brand spankin' new cubicle.

Tonight, to further motivate myself toward my culinary expertise, I will clean (revolutionary I know). I have to clean from my mess I created this weekend in making a friends baby shower cake. Pictures to come or so I always say and never actually download them from the camera to put up for others to delight in...and so it continues another day another slave to the dollar.

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